Recent Updates on APB360 & ShotPM (v2.7.2)

Recent Updates on APB360 & ShotPM (v2.7.2)

Electronic A&D Logbook Update

Several enhancements were made to asset creation and property selection. Predictive typing now exists for not only manufacturers now, the selection enhancement is now implemented for all aspects of a firearm record. Simply start typing the first letter of a model or caliber and begin filtering thousands of possibilities. This interface enhancement is available to all of our FFL and public safety customers.

Thank you Nighthawk Custom for several enhancement ideas.

Electronic Firearm Qualification Reporting – Gap Analysis

Considerable improvements have been made to the Gap Analysis reporting feature. Create reports on any roster size based on who has and has not completed a required qualification course during any span of time, calendar year, firearm type, personal or department property and more. Instantly shed light about who on your roster still needs to qualify on any course or asset custody type. This is a great way to plan your upcoming range activity and stay current with all arrest powers.

Thank you Chandler Police Department for the enhancement ideas.

ShotPM Automated Chain of Proximity

ShotPM introduces a new concept called Chain of Proximity, which is much like the commonly understood Chain of Custody. The database maintains a history of the most recently changed proximity record for an asset with a ShotPM tag attached, only updating when the proximity location tag identification code is changed. The truly harnesses the power of a self healing and automatically provisioning wireless mesh network. Imagine a shot counter in a rental firearm at a shooting range. The range firearm (rifle) and a proximity location tag is at the rental counter and other tags at tactical shooting bays. As the asset moves from the counter to the tactical bay, a record is automatically created, the timestamp recorded as well as environmental data such as temperature, then updated again when the asset returns to the counter. You can easily report on how much time the asset was in any location, as well as the wear and tear of the asset. Without looking at the rental wall, you can just refresh the asset report based on the assets within proximity of the desired location tag.

Thank you C2 Tactical for the opportunity to test this proof of concept and for providing real test grounds.

Asset Reports in ShotPM

The ShotPM asset reporting interface has been updated significantly, with considerable user interface enhancements. See the gallery below for screen shots!