APB360 is the first cloud-based management solution to provide a 360 degree overview for asset management, manufacturing, interactive electronic BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives) FFL bound books, firearm qualifications, comprehensive training management, intelligence/analytics capabilities, firearms and range qualification management, chain of custody, ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance management and so much more.

NO OTHER PROGRAM EXISTS today that is “off the shelf” and as comprehensive or robust as APB360.

Highlights, Functions and Benefits of GunTRAC/APB360

  • Electronic A&D Logbook – BATFE 2016-1,2,3 Compliant.
  • Driver’s license scanning and decoding
  • Comprehensive inventory management, paperless reporting, tracing
  • NFA paperwork management – timelines and delay/approval visualization
  • FFL & SOT scanned document storage and one click FFL EzCheck license validation
  • Public/Private RMA/Warranty repair system (gunsmithing or manufacturing) [see footer link with a blue pistol logo icon]
  • Automated email notifications on events
  • Mutli-role user accounts
  • Manufacturing travelers and WIP process management
  • Many reports visualizing system activity
  • Unlimited encrypted SHA-256 content storage
  • Photo’s, Documents and more associated to any and all transactions
  • Employee custody management for any asset (test firing, demo, conventions, etc) non Gun Control Act related custody
  • Distributed architecture and highly redundant services – no server/administration costs for our users
  • HID/UHF Identification card controls
  • Bulk/Batch firearms management for enterprise processing
    • Send hundreds or thousands of firearms to outside vendors easily
    • Return and audit large processing orders for manufacturing WIP easily
    • Quickly audit large transactions by shipping/tracking information, and much more.


  • ITAR and export compliance document management
  • Complete call center (VOIP) and FFL license validation suite
    • Monthly processed complete federal firearm licensee database, mapped
    • Light CRM implementation for business development
    • Voice Over IP (VOIP) using Twilio as service provided
    • Call recordings (optional setting) and call rating/review
    • Manager and operator roles
    • On demand call activity map
    • Custom data sources for map overlays
    • CRM imports
    • Complete operator calendar and record assignment management
  • RFID integrations
  • Free iOS application for enterprise scanning capabilities
  • Mobile compatible website
  • 100% cloud based architecture
  • Hourly backups and monthly retention
  • Conditional disposition control based on approved documentation associated to serialized asset
  • Complete non-serialized asset management for inventory (like ammunition, body armor, optics, etc)
  • Digital signature capture and two factor signature
  • CJIS design framework guidelines for secure encrypted content storage – meeting criminal justice information security for all stored content – even though inventory and personnel training records are non-justice.
  • Getting Started
    • Inventory import
    • Roster/Employee import
    • Legacy A&D bound book import
  • Complete training and qualification management system
    • Proficiency and Continuing Education Training management, scheduling, bulk grading, record storage
  • Inventory expiration management
  • Active location management interfaces
  • GPS coordinate recording for asset location auditing
  • Automated asset conversion utilities (ie: receiver to rifle, making all log book entries automatically)
  • Simple asset destruction utility (ie: marking and recording a dispersion device as destroyed, making all log book entries automatically)
  • Paperless Inventory auditing and disposition reconciliations
  • Employee documentation management and expiration reporting
  • Annual recurring billing
  • Continuous product improvements and long term fixed pricing

What Is GunTRAC / APB360?

GunTRAC's APB360 software suite is perfect for law enforcement professionals, firearm manufacturers and any organization in the firearms representative sales business.

“The CJIS Security Policy provides Criminal Justice Agencies (CJA) and Noncriminal Justice Agencies (NCJA) with a minimum set of security requirements for access to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division systems and information and to protect and safeguard Criminal Justice Information (CJI). This minimum standard of security requirements ensures continuity of information protection. The essential premise of the CJIS Security Policy is to provide the appropriate controls to protect CJI, from creation through dissemination; whether at rest or in transit.”

GunTRAC/APB360 complies with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard. We sign CJIS security agreements with our customers, including allowing or performing any required employee background checks according to the CJIS Security Policy.

Law enforcement customers (and partners who manage CJI) are taking advantage of AWS services to dramatically improve the security and protection of CJI data, using the advanced security services and features of AWS, such as activity logging (AWS CloudTrail), encryption of data in motion and at rest (S3’s Server-Side Encryption with the option to bring your own key), comprehensive key management and protection (AWS Key Management Service and CloudHSM), and integrated permission management (IAM federated identity management, multi-factor authentication).

Complete ATF & CALEA Compliant Firearm Transaction Record Keeping - Encrypted Cloud Based Permanent Vault Storage

Designed for gunsmiths, firearm manufacturers and police departments large and small, GunTRAC’s record keeping framework is unparalleled in the cloud based electronic logbook space. Record keeping becomes easy, secure and streamlined, with automated features for error checking, internal auditing, automation and much more.

Easily manage millions of transactions, hundreds of locations, ranges, inventory closets, safes, vaults and thousands of qualifications in a robust single platform. Manage your entire roster of employees, from weapon qualifications and certificates of eligibility to comprehensive chain of custody and armory management.

Complete RMA/Gunsmithing Repair Management System

Allow your customers or employees to securely see what is being done to their firearm at all times with email notifications easily configured for your unique needs. Generate call tags, escalations, and seamlessly integrate with your logbook for firearm processing – for finish work or part replacements, easily manage modifications and stay in perfect compliance with the ATF or CALEA standards organization.

Compliance has never been easier.

The image above is just a tiny sample showing how GunTRAC demonstrates geo-spacial imaging for call center applications. You have to see it. There is nothing like it for the LE and FFL business environment like it. This is one of our favorite features to demonstrate!

Turn-Key Call Center Functionality

Enjoy FFL Licensee data monthly, prioritized based on GunTRAC’s proprietary sorting algorithms based on the most recent ATF licensee publications. Advanced sales teams and rep groups can have real-time active call visualization, lead assignment, SMS communication and geofencing.

Integrated FFL EzCheck, Click-to-dial VOIP using Twilio, built in light CRM system and so much more…do not wait for dealers to come to you, empower your reps and sales people with our one-of-kind dialing interface and search capabilities. 

iOS Integration – Convert any iOS product into a fully featured scanner

Still using paper? Start generating adhesive labels with any barcode format in the following – QR, PDF417, CODE128, UPC – and dramatically improve inventory times, assembler accountability, serial number recording and more.

ATF Ruling 2016-1 April 29th 2016 - Cloud Compliance

GunTRAC retains logbook corrections as an entirely new entry, without deleting or modifying the original entry. When the software generates the bound book, the system is able to quickly and easily change views as follows:

  1. Only view the original entries;
  2. Only view the corrected entries; and
  3. View both the original and corrected entries in the same bound book.

Upon logbook generation, GunTRAC will compile a print optimized, human readable, HTML/CSS formatted logbook report based on selected rendering modes and a myriad of other criteria for extraordinary customization. SHA256 encryption is utilized upon creation and the bound book/report is stored on the Amazon EC2 Cloud indefinitely. Only a token to the report is stored on the GunTRAC server cluster, and at no time is the report accessed without a fully authenticated encrypted tunnel to Amazon.

Your electronic log book reports are stored, then your web browser instigates a download protocol localizing the report directly on your desktop. The report is accessible at any other time by reviewing your report history. Generate your bi-annual reports once, and quickly access them on request.

Accountability and Creativity – Relentless Reliability – Business Critical Process.

As more regulations become law, navigating the complex compliancy requirements to remain in business requires an agile and robust digital platform. GunTRAC is uniquely designed to provide solutions in short order. We understand compliance, as well as automation. The more regulations, the more opportunities for our team to make them nothing more than a simple feature or button in order to comply. 

GunTRAC compliance officers, specialized in BATFE/ITAR regulated record keeping, are available at short notice to help understand many of the regulatory mine fields faced during a transaction.

As of April 8th 2017, millions of transactions have been managed.

  • Serialized Assets
  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions
  • Mobile Traveler Claims/WIP

Serialized Assets


Bar-codes Scanned






Pricing is simple and affordable.

Turn-Key Call Center Add-on

This is a comprehensive call center in a box, taking less than 5 minutes to be up and running. Enjoy GunTRAC analyzed data sets from the firearm industry as often as every month, with thousands of qualified leads at your mouse click. Use your own VOIP account to manage caller id, recordings, and other phone system properties! Contact us for more information.

Public Safety Agencies

Optimized and simplified for Law Enforcement professionals providing simplified interfaces for chain of custody, range management, training class scheduling and configurations, unlimited qualifications and easy customization, repair and armory, automated inventory features and more.

Enterprise Firearm Manufacturing

The enterprise package provides considerable user account management and role based security implementations. This account is ideal for firearm manufacturers. The package provides far more than a simple electronic firearm record bound-book! Call us today to learn more about everything the enterprise account provides and to schedule a demo.

Request a demo, have a conversation directly with our developers and support staff.

What Is GunTRAC / APB360?

Electronic FFL A&D Log Books, Chain of Custody, Employee/Officer Qualifications, Range & Inventory Management, Inventory Expiration, RMA/Repair Ticket Management, Click to Dial Geographic FFL Business Development (VOIP), Electronic Travelers, Bar Code Scanning, RFID Features (coming soon) and so much more….

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