Data Imports

Release Notes: Version 3.4.1

Summary of changes between 4-21-19 and 07-02-19: New data import functionality for law enforcement users. Now users can import their roster or update the roster in bulk, any serialized assets and any serialized asset assignments. This is just a copy/paste operation from Excel. Shot counting history by default has been increased to the last 15,000 energy events grouped by time and location Bugfix on premises checking function, specific to LE customers. The default location is based on the first stocking location made Many chart [...]


Importing CRM Data to APB360

Getting Started The data import process is robust, allowing you to dynamically create new lists of data and relate the data to the FFL database in the event there is a match. APB360 maintains two types of records: FFL and ANY. The FFL record type is from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) per the BATFE. The ANY record type is what you provide following this process. You can upload ANY contact data you like, and the APB360 mapping system [...]