New Release: 3.1.1 – eSOP Metric Dashboard!

Our eSOP system has evolved thanks to some great ideas from our users! Administrative or Compliance level users can now easily visualize the status of processes. For example, you might have 4 eSOP processes which make up the development or inspection of a product. The first process could be material inspection, the second could be a machine shop process on machine 1, then another on machine 2 and then lastly the fourth process could be final inspection and storage. The [...]

New Release: 3.1.0

Select more than one non-serialized asset from the Inventory portal page to get a complete report, easily convertible to PDF. You can now manually add journal entries to any asset ledger to adjust quantities manually with notes. This functionality is only available to master level users and compliance officers.

New Release: 3.0.9

Click the Download CSV button on any inventory report for non-serialized items for instant export. The "Up" system has been further enhanced to allow for large scale image based inventory and geographical asset accounting/auditing. You can now easily send temporary keys and system links to other people verifying assets with the same inventory auditing quality as doing it "In-Hand".

New Documentation Management for Serialized Assets

We have introduced an entirely new document management system for serialized transactions! This new feature provides unparalleled performance and collaboration for not only compliance and master users, but also securely extends upload capabilities to provide content curations to any field support or staff. For every serialized eBook transaction, a temporary key can be generated (by default 2-hour lifespan) which provides upload access for anyone you share it with. Handle thousands of assets at once, and hundreds of documents at [...]

Organization Charts and Updated Location Management

Thanks to a feature request from one of our enterprise law enforcement users, we have revised the design scope of Locations. As before, where users could make any number of stocking locations or shooting ranges, now users can configure parent and child relationships! These levels are also infinite! Location reporting can be restricted to only a single location, or all location children. This is a great way to organize your asset management strategy. With the revised location management, a revised [...]

eSOP Key Assembly Mapping Launched!

This powerful feature allows users to now track the bill of materials (BOM) and Inspection Points for quality control and associate any asset to a series of inspections or assemblies. Imagine knowing the exact time, place and condition of a component and where it was installed on an asset. Our electronic standard operating users (eSOP) can now trace and identify any significant component so long as there is an eSOP assigned. Examples like a trigger assembly inspection process, or bolt manufactured, [...]