ATF/BATFE Industry News – New Rulings Out – Law of the land….

ATF/BATFE Industry News – New Rulings Out – Law of the land….

It's never been more critical for manufacturers to be tactical, with records and compliance (TRAC).

It’s difficult and time consuming to plan for ruling updates when there is rarely a timeline or clear set of expectations available; being agile, bobbing and weaving is GunTRAC’s most remarkable attribute.

As a licensee, you are 100% responsible for being up to date with ATF rulings, and the latest rulings will likely effect your critical business process.  You must pay attention to the released rulings the BATFE provides online.

For marketing, GunTRAC provides industry licensee overviews, for big data business and marketing. However, for business before the civilian transaction, we provide streamlined systems for FFL to FFL focused businesses, as well as LE specialized chain of custody, inventory, and qualification management.

The latest rulings (April 29th 2016) impact the manufacturing industry immediately (they list them oldest first, so go to the last page).

This post will focus on 2016-3


3. When a licensed manufacturer makes changes to the model, type, caliber, size, and/or gauge of a frame, receiver, or assembly of a firearm, the firearm should remain logged into the A&D record until the changes and/or conversions are complete. Once the change and/or conversion is complete, the licensed manufacturer should then log the firearm out of the A&D record as a disposition to itself using the licensed name and license number. The date of the disposition would be the change and/or conversion date. Concurrently, the licensed manufacturer would record the new firearm information on a separate line of the A&D record as an acquisition from itself on the same date as the date of the change and/or conversion.

30,000′ overview translation: “If the lower goes from (lower)receiver to anything else, you need to make a disposition record recording the new type/attribute, and an acquisition record immediately afterward recording the new firearm characteristics on your licensed premises.”

1′ overview translation: “you have two entries to make now when a firearm receiver goes from stripped lower to anything beyond that”.

GunTRAC will make it possible for you to simply “change the attributes” of a serialized asset, and make the necessary logbook entries in a single click or assembly step claim. We started focusing a few months back on LE groups managing chain of custody and inventory, and as a result we are in a position to immediately offer functionality in a way where added record keeping is nothing more than “an integrated step in intelligent manufacturing processes”, no addition to the process, purely integrated and streamlined.