Feature Update

Feature Update

We are excited to bring new organizations into the world of GunTRAC.

Many system changes have been made since the inception of GunTRAC over a year ago. The development roadmap has changed considerably over the last couple of months in preparation for public release. Much of the February development roadmap is complete, however we only wanted to release what we feel is immediately useful for firearms dealers and sales people.

What is available today

  • Complete firearms A&D log book generation – fully BATFE compliant logbooks* (electronic record keeping).
  • B2B FFL logbooking, with B2C coming soon (e4473 automation).
  • Scanner enabled serial numbers for fast logging and inventory analysis.
  • Encrypted document storage on massively distributed storage networks (Amazon EC2).
  • Click to dial (browser phone) voice over ip (VOIP) interactive business networking using Twilio.
  • Completely analyzed November FOIA FFL Licensee database. December is in progress, much of the BATFE data was missing for December.
  • Month over month record prioritization for efficient business development.
  • 1 month of free system usage before any billing.
  • iOS application available at iTunes to enable the eTraveler system. This app will be updated in February allowing drivers license scanning and ID card scanning for quicker and more accurate form completion.

What is being developed in February for a March 1st update

  • Mobile enabled inventory analysis using the scanner application (GunTRAC) – this will be released mid-February.
  • Drivers License scanning for faster 4473 form generation – this will be released mid-February.
  • All common BATFE and State Department (DSP’s) form generation – this will be released mid-February.
  • Restricted state management system and form generation prompting- this will be released mid-February.
  • Data packages for employee firearm checkout – authorization form letter and copies of FFL and SOT (if needed).
  • Mailgun integration for building email campaigns and lists.
  • Reminders and one click event creation for CRM followup.
  • Ability to create and manage subordinate organizations for CRM collaboration.
  • Custom eTraveler management.
  • Comprehensive RMA and Warranty management system.
  • Bulk bar code and label generation – we are still researching a variety of labeling options.
  • Video tutorials on every function – releasing as the become available.

*To be 100% compliant, GunTRAC will have to be installed on your premises in a light version, and then utilize the distributed cloud system. This is only temporary due to several CFR variances pending signature, allowing cloud based systems to make up the architecture.

As of April 29th 2016 GunTRAC is a compliant electronic log booking system.