Recent Updates on APB360 & ShotPM (v2.7.2)

Electronic A&D Logbook Update Several enhancements were made to asset creation and property selection. Predictive typing now exists for not only manufacturers now, the selection enhancement is now implemented for all aspects of a firearm record. Simply start typing the first letter of a model or caliber and begin filtering thousands of possibilities. This interface enhancement is available to all of our FFL and public safety customers. Thank you Nighthawk Custom for several enhancement ideas. Electronic Firearm Qualification Reporting – Gap Analysis Considerable [...]


Shot Counter Dashboard Update

Click an image for a larger view…. ShotPM users can now see on the main dashboard any tag assignment requiring some level of maintenance and sort by indication. Users can now evaluate the conditions of thousands of ShotPM counter tags in one place, or a coffee shop, without the need to directly read a tag. This is the primary benefit of ad-hoc mesh networking and location proximity tag reporting infrastructure. Narrow down vast amounts of asset storage to the nearest [...]