Weapon Inspection Enhancements & Rapid Gear Assignment Update

Weapon Inspection Enhancements & Rapid Gear Assignment Update

Thanks to LE feedback, an overall condition status has been added to all weapon inspection forms. This includes weapon inspections during a firearm rapid check in and assignment as well as annual employee inventory inspection functionality.

The inspection report available to master users visually reflects the overall status of an inspection using color coding and iconography. Users can quickly identify problematic assets in short time, even if there are thousands of them.

In addition, during a rapid check in process, all serial numbers are verified to be new, or never seen, before the chain of custody is created. This ensures that firearms, during this unique process, are in fact never before seen in the GunTRAC operator account, and the correct acquisition and disposition record keeping is sound to the employee. The rapid Weapon Assignment and Inspection system is intended only for first time users gathering asset information from employees, typically during annual qualifications. Once an asset has been collected into the database, there is a different preferred method for weapon assignment or turn in.

If you have any question feel free to comment below or contact your account representative. This is the version Dec 2016 update.

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