Real-Time Inventory Audits: A Better Way

Real-Time Inventory Audits: A Better Way

We Re-designed Inventory Auditing

We recently invented a new method for our users to audit single serialized assets. Our prior method of generating a checklist was having a hard time scaling up on hardware limited tablets, so we came up with something better for everyone, no matter your inventory level!

Play the short video on the left to see it in action at POF-USA. Essentially teams of two people will collaborate, where one member will call out the item, and the other will search it out in realt-time on the tablet, and then mark the asset present. You can even take a picture of the asset, and further identify which active location it might be in (like a shelf, or safe). Each time an asset is recorded, the system will update the inventory report, giving you a quick update on total assets and how many are left to mark present. When the list approaches zero, you can use the “Generate Inventory Checklist” again to report on which items need further investigation.

If you are allowing geo-location services, you will also record the latitude and longitude of the asset for a last known position!

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