Managing Employee Equipment – Best Practices

APB360 provides operators the ability to create simple (or potentially highly detailed) processes to verify employee equipment records, equipment inspection records, inventory verifications, in-hand confirmation, and much more. The following article will describe the best practices  "APB360 Experts" follow to accomplish immutable inspections and verifications of inventory. Download the GunTRAC iOS Application from AppleCreate eSOP's to follow for inspections. This electronic standard operating procedure (eSOP) will streamline mobile operations with inventory and inspections. ESOP is a dedicated top level menu item [...]

New Features for Electronic Training Record Management and Range Training

For those of you who use our continuing education and proficiency module (eTraining), we have streamlined the process of making/configuring classes with courses. It is now a simple process to generate a class/course full of modules for quick and easy bulk assignments to your roster members. You can also upload evidence of a sign-in roster, or other scanned documents, in one step while configuring the credit hours you need to award. We have updated the roster reports to highlight any [...]

Ever wonder which shooting ranges have an FFL?

Our call center users have a new arrow in the quiver, a fully synced and automated channel providing a range filter. Previously, our users had to determine if someone had a range manually by using our voice over ip system, now we have that information to all of our user community thanks to the NSSF and public range finding services. Not only can you easily filter which FFL records are a business address or residential, you can now also filter [...]

Recent Updates on APB360 & ShotPM (v2.7.2)

Electronic A&D Logbook Update Several enhancements were made to asset creation and property selection. Predictive typing now exists for not only manufacturers now, the selection enhancement is now implemented for all aspects of a firearm record. Simply start typing the first letter of a model or caliber and begin filtering thousands of possibilities. This interface enhancement is available to all of our FFL and public safety customers. Thank you Nighthawk Custom for several enhancement ideas. Electronic Firearm Qualification Reporting - Gap Analysis Considerable [...]

Asset Recognition – Automatically Identify Serialized Assets

It has never been easier to document serialized assets and streamline your inventory audit. Using the eSOP module from either the mobile application or the desktop, users can snap a photo of an object and APB360 will parse engravings and or text from the image (up to 50 words). After text extraction, APB360 will consult your inventory records and indicate if the asset is known or not, as well as provide the ability to improve the training of the [...]

Firearm Transaction Mapping – Visual FFL Logbook

Visualizing log book entries by mapping them is a quick way to visualize geographic concentrations of serialized asset transactions. Quickly identify regions important to your FFL logbook, and trace any transactions of interest. The interface to generate a visual logbook is simple. Specify date ranges, serial number search or any address or name portion. The mapping system is a part of all our FFL and Public Safety packages at no additional cost.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Updates

Tired of all the GDPR update emails yet? As you've no doubt heard, new data protection laws are being launched all over the world. We’re writing to let you know we’ve updated the GunTRAC Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, to comply with new Global Data Protection Regulation (aka, the GDPR). These changes will take effect on May 25, 2018. The new policies includes legal updates, and are also easier to read and understand. Please have a look at the [...]

Shot Counter Dashboard Update

Click an image for a larger view.... ShotPM users can now see on the main dashboard any tag assignment requiring some level of maintenance and sort by indication. Users can now evaluate the conditions of thousands of ShotPM counter tags in one place, or a coffee shop, without the need to directly read a tag. This is the primary benefit of ad-hoc mesh networking and location proximity tag reporting infrastructure. Narrow down vast amounts of asset storage to the nearest [...]

Weapon Shot Counter (ShotPM) – The first of it’s kind and full integration with APB360.

Overview ShotPM is a Weapon Shot Counter (WSC). The first generation (Q1 2018) ShotPM firearm accessory is a small hardware module designed to be attached to any firearm with an M-Lok rail solution. It incorporates a compact accelerometer to count shots fired and a radio transceiver (using the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band for radio communications with IEEE 802.15.4 standards) to relay this information back to persistent data storage located on a PC server or in the cloud. Radio communications are [...]