New Features For Inventory Auditing & Travelers

New Features For Inventory Auditing & Travelers

Two Major New Features Released

Just in time for that year-end massive inventory audit!

The iOS companion application now can scan any barcoded item (thousands at a time) and mark the item accounted for. In addition, the item scanned is recorded by scanning location (so long as GPS is enabled), the user/operator and timestamp.


In addition to using the mobile scanner, all you need to do to manage the inventory audit process further is run the Inventory Checklist function available on the .com website version. This report has several new switches available now, enabling the auditing mode as well as reporting on what has, has not, or either status, allowing you to quickly drill down your inventory for assets which have not been accounted for.



You can clear the status of an item using the .com report at any time, or simply update the status.

An additional filter appears on the report enabling you to quickly jump to any matching serial number in the database. This is of course very useful when you have thousands of assets on premises!

Create Unlimited Manufacturing Travelers

ios_feature_demo_slidesEnterprise users can now create custom travelers, and assign them to specific users. You can easily update and modify existing travelers and enable or disable steps in the claim process.

Once a traveler is created, you may assign the traveler to a user by updating their user profile from the Employee Roster report. Travelers can only be used by authenticated users, not employee records. Only one traveler can be assigned to a user at a time (future iOS release will allow for dynamic selection). The menu on the mobile application will show the name of the custom traveler  if one is assigned, otherwise will just show ‘Default System Traveler’.

To review the values entered in a Traveler, enter the serial number as you normally do on the eTraveler page in the .com version of the site. You can now select the default traveler as well as any custom traveler. This allows a complete separation of data collection and WIP management across specialized users, sharing the same bar code key value (serial number).

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