New Call Center Mapping Feature

New Call Center Mapping Feature

New Cold Calling Filters and Booking Values

APB360 has released significant enhancements to the call center functionality over the weekend.

  1. The ability to provide custom CRM data, with last booking date and economic value
  2. The ability to filter results based on record activity – Explore leads by using time frames, easily identify records which have never been seen
  3. The ability to search the map based on operator activity over time
  4. New color scale for marker icons to reflect timespans since lsat seen or updated
  5. Enhanced info-windows on marker clicks
  6. Manage operator caller id information! Just make a basic TWILIO Application and follow our instructions
  7. We have added Google Places search as well, which can be used in conjunction with APB360’s database or just stand alone Google.
  8. Record status filters for inclusion and exclusion

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