Manage Any Non-Firearm Asset By Barcode Using Mobile Scanner

Manage Any Non-Firearm Asset By Barcode Using Mobile Scanner

Complete Inventory Management Using the GunTRAC Mobile iOS Application

One of the most significant updates in 2017 provides phenomenal inventory asset management capabilities, using your iOS device as an enterprise scanner. You only need to download our GunTRAC iOS application for iPad’s and iPhone’s (free) and then authenticate.

You can easily consume an item, move it between locations, and much more.

Many items come with a manufacturer barcode already marked on the item. For this example we are using a mechanical keyboard, where the back of the asset has a barcode already in place. Our application is capable of scanning just about any barcode and in any nearly light condition, even white on black.

Select “Manage Inventory by Barcode” on the iOS application interface, and scan the item’s barcode. APB360 (formerly GunTRAC) will check if this is a known asset or not, and guide you through the process of creating an asset for the first time. If the barcode value is a known to represent an asset, a thorough list of management options will become available.

Know how many of an asset you have on hand by location or assigned to employees in the palm of your hand.

You can even share barcode values across your enterprise, the system is smart enough to provide you the ability to select an asset.