Ever wonder which shooting ranges have an FFL?

Ever wonder which shooting ranges have an FFL?

We have been wondering which ranges out there have an FFL, which likely means they also have a rental program or gun counter.

Our call center users have a new arrow in the quiver, a fully synced and automated channel providing a range filter. Previously, our users had to determine if someone had a range manually by using our voice over ip system, now we have that information to all of our user community thanks to the NSSF and public range finding services.

Not only can you easily filter which FFL records are a business address or residential, you can now also filter if they are a range. Save time and improve strategy by calling those filtered records with upfront knowledge!

Not only can you validate the FFL license in a single click, check the local demographics such as household income, you can see the weather report and say with confidence “I know you have a range, let’s talk business”.

Call center business development packages start at affordable rates, if you are looking to sell a gun part or accessory, you can’t pass this feature up!

Thanks Scott over at POF-USA for this great idea!