Monthly Archives - December 2016

New Features For Inventory Auditing & Travelers

Just in time for that year-end massive inventory audit! The iOS companion application now can scan any barcoded item (thousands at a time) and mark the item accounted for. In addition, the item scanned is recorded by scanning location (so long as GPS is enabled), the user/operator and timestamp. In addition to using the mobile scanner, all you need to do to manage the inventory audit process further is run the Inventory Checklist function available on the .com website version. This [...]


Call Center Enhancement

Managers can now quickly search and identify outstanding calls, and unrated or poorly rated recordings. This provides a great way to compile training materials for new call center operators as well as finely tune existing operators.


Weapon Inspection Enhancements & Rapid Gear Assignment Update

Thanks to LE feedback, an overall condition status has been added to all weapon inspection forms. This includes weapon inspections during a firearm rapid check in and assignment as well as annual employee inventory inspection functionality. The inspection report available to master users visually reflects the overall status of an inspection using color coding and iconography. Users can quickly identify problematic assets in short time, even if there are thousands of them. In addition, during a rapid check in process, all [...]