Monthly Archives - January 2019

New Release: 3.0.9

Click the Download CSV button on any inventory report for non-serialized items for instant export. The “Up” system has been further enhanced to allow for large scale image based inventory and geographical asset accounting/auditing. You can now easily send temporary keys and system links to other people verifying assets with the same inventory auditing quality as doing it “In-Hand”.


New Release: v3.0.7

DEPRECATED associate_file_id_to_transfer_id DEPRECATED GET_PRIOR_ffl_transfer_id_by_serial_id DEPRECATED associate_serial_id_to_transfer_id Implementing Implementing tokenized batch table for secure domain transference: associate_serials_secret_batch, create_secret_batch Automatic secret batch creation using A&D functions new SECRET_KEY allowing the ability to create a batch set and assign to a user. 3 key lengths are being used to determine what kind of upload mode should be rendered general get_batch is now providing NON-secret batches per org (logbook, edit batch) UPDATED to not use _LOG get_serial_id_by_number($serial_number) Added specialized indexes to FFL_ORG_ASSET and FFL_SERIAL_NUMBER, 10x speed increase Inventory audit bug showing incorrect asset [...]