Up! New Documentation Management for Serialized Assets

We have introduced an entirely new document management system (Up!) for serialized transactions! This new feature provides unparalleled performance and collaboration for not only compliance and master users, but also securely extends upload capabilities to provide content curation to any field support or staff. For every serialized eBook transaction, a temporary key can be generated (by default 2-hour lifespan) which provides upload access for anyone you share it with. Handle thousands of assets at once, and hundreds of documents at a time. Simply take photos of paperwork and assets and securely upload them easily on any mobile device. Master users can revoke or extend the key anytime!

Simply select at least one asset and one document type and then drag and drop any number of files into the drop zone. Any checked assets will be associated/paired to the uploaded files and the uploaded file will be associated to the selected document type. Select one or more at a time and let the APB360 Up engine do the rest!

The two selected demo assets above will now have 4 files associated to
each one with the specified control number, submission date and
approval date, all as the selected document type. Organizations can create unlimited document types and store unlimited content.

Updated training, certifications, and other material document management features are coming soon!