Law Enforcement Inventory Solutions

APB360 provides mobile scanning and web based solutions for every aspect of a law enforcement professional’s department issued equipment, their proficiency levels with each asset, timetables for perishable skills, expiration dates on perishable commodities, streamlined equipment assignments, inspections and qualification records. There are no limitations to how many courses of fire can be configured for an organization, the number of range or stocking locations, or the number of assets to be managed by APB360. We provide a comprehensive, integrated and streamlined online solution for asset management, electronic standard operating procedures, inspection reporting, firearm qualifications, and much more. No more spreadsheets, information silos…no more paper. Paper is for targets.

Know every aspect of your APB – Assets, People & Business.

In order to accurately predict future needs, an organization needs to have an APB360 on several organizational principals. The interrelated & integrated categories of information which make up the fabric of a well tuned team comprise of assets, people, and business. The benefit of having well recorded and documented information for these information categories is the ability to render accurate early warning reports about officer behavior, issued equipment, and training requirements.

Assets: It is critical to know when an asset such as body armor is nearing end of life, and knowing early is best for budgeting and procurement. Knowing at all is paramount to ensure your professionals are using equipment they can rely on. Automate the task of notifying your LEO’s with SMS messaging and email based on your own early warning policies. Instantly report on who has what, organizationally wide, with the complete chain of custody history available in a click.

People: Using dashboards of information, charts and graphs, visualize the performance of every aspect of your employee’s career – expiring certifications, expiring qualifications, qualification performance, asset custody and more. Generate a comprehensive employee report about every asset they have ever had, every training class and qualification, and a complete balance sheet of continuing education and proficiency training hours by top level categories down to the smallest learning domain or module.

Business: Take the guess work out of preventative maintenance for firearms and related equipment. APB360’s capabilities of tracking range time and firearm usage helps any armorer know what kind of ammunition has been used over any time period, allowing them to quickly make the right maintenance decisions before asset failure. Track the allocation of your annual budgets by assigning costs to equipment, training and perishable assets. Always keep an eye on the monetary aspects of your day to day operations.

360 (APB): Everything in law enforcement management is connected, one way or another. Finally, your operators and administrators will have a complete view of inventory assets, roster, and ongoing training and procurement requirements in one place. A 360 degree view of some of the most important aspects of your organization, always available.

Inventory Control and Tracking

Adapted from GunTRAC’s ground breaking cloud based electronic BATFE Bound Book for federally licensed firearm manufacturers and dealers, APB360 was launched to simplify the record keeping process while still providing bullet proof checks and balances for equipment procurement, assignment, records of destruction and much more. Using electronic signatures for all involved parties improves accountability, while also providing the range master and armorer the ability to automatically reduce inventory levels during training or qualification sessions, as well as photograph assets.

Inventory Level Thresholds and Alerts: Early Q3 APB360 will provide inventory level alerting over SMS and or Email, based on customizable timetables and broad inventory categories or types, as well as specific commodities.

Weapon Qualifications & Records

Create an unlimited amount of range locations and courses of fire using APB360’s simple qualification creation interface. Upload any descriptive files to be associated to the qualification, configure round count, expiration date, minimum score or just pass/fail, and more. Utilize tablets on the range to check in employees, validate the serialized assets they have, select a course of fire, and enable or disable automated inventory depletion based on the selected ammunition being used. Record one or more firearms for a single qualification for an employee and record photos of targets or any other subject for permanent encrypted storage. You can also configure automated email notifications for qualification failures and even daily failure thresholds for an employee or training event. Provide remedial record keeping and open range time access with estimated round count utilization for maintenance intelligence gathering.

Armory, Maintenance and Repair

Allow employees to submit a repair or maintenance ticket into an accessible ticketing system, where your armorers can first review and potentially troubleshoot an issue, suggest cleaning or other actions commonly causing function problems, and then route the ticket into a solution. The employees will automatically be informed of ticket updates and receive instructions on what to do, while the armorer can manage the potentially complex background tasks of replacing items, returning them to manufacturers, and more. The repair dashboard provides insight into reasons for ticket generation, categories of issues, and the status of every ticket in queue. Additionally, armorers can perform asset inspections any time, and record the results for that serialized asset for permanent record retrieval.

Object Recognition and Text Extraction (OCR): The mobile application will provide the ability to photograph an object and extract text fields from it. The user can simply drag the serial number identified on an item, a model number, or any other text field found and interact with inventory management. This feature is helpful when barcoding technology is unavailable. In addition, the user can take multiple photographs and combine multiple objects into  single inventory function. One real world example is documenting the chain of custody of less lethal assets which rarely have a serial number, all from taking a picture of multiple items properly orientated on a table.

360 Degree Analytics & Metrics

Manage all inventory (whether it is serialized or not), chain of custody/assignment, inspection/repair logs, photographs/videos, training records, weapon qualifications, performance reports, expiration reports and training calendars.

In a single click, know your roster’s strengths and manage individual development strategies, from anywhere on earth. Quickly identify individuals who require training or qualifications.

Simple interfacing and quality user training is critical to avoiding a “Garbage In/Garbage Out” scenario. APB360 provides support training staff who will help your organization get to full speed in short time.

Make smart purchasing decisions.

With the integrated features of APB360’s asset management and equipment assignment capabilities, shed light on any equipment that could be creating liabilities, expiring in the field, malfunctioning and perform preventative maintenance without the guess work.

Electronic Standard Operating Procedures (eSOP)

APB360’s free iOS mobile application will immediately allow employees to follow specialized custom procedures on their mobile platform to ensure the correct and thorough collection of important information, guided by a step by step process (SOP). Organizations can configure unlimited mobile operating procedures and assign them to specific employees. While using the eSOP process, GPS coordinates can be acquired and specific user/operator information is tied to any step claimed or processed. MOP users can upload photos, videos, input text, or simply claim a step as complete.

With the deployment of inexpensive and common mobile equipment (such as phones and tablets), professionals have the ability to record a situation, photograph anything, follow operational guidelines, never miss critical data collection, and have total accountability. Real time data collection can be simultaneously reviewed from any other operations location and law enforcement professionals can be guided in real time or otherwise informed conveniently before or after an incident.

Additionally, if there isn’t time to complete a eSOP report, another employee or supervisor can retrieve the incomplete report and continue working on it, from anywhere, using the desktop or iOS application. Every value collected is archived for permanent storage. Common uses for the eSOP platform at firearm inspections, vehicle inspections, fire hydrants, and other types of equipment.

Training & Budget

APB360 provides an organization the ability to establish annual training goals and budgets. Referring to any unlimited custom training category you configure, you can establish how many cumulative hours each employee should attain in proficiency and or continuing education credit hours, while simultaneously visualize and adjust your organizational budgets for any fiscal year. Your training and budget dashboard will help you quickly visualize and report across your entire organization where every aspect of training lays within your annual goals and budgets.

Overview of APB360 Capabilities

Software/Solution as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Based Infrastructure SHA-256 Encryption Standards & Strong SSL Only
Two factor authentication using Yubikey and or Authy VOIP SMS Notifications Infinite Free Storage (IFS) – Infinite data storage and retrieval using Amazon EC2
On-Premises Installations (off cloud) Role based account and access management Data import for inventories and roster
Driver’s license scanning and other bar code format based data acquisitions HTML and PDF reporting, Data export anytime Mobile Operating Procedures
Unlimited training records Unlimited qualifications Inventory Expiration Management
Complete Firearm Management Asset repair and vendor inspection systems Mobile data collection and real time nerve center review systems
Administrative training record management Easy to use interfaces 100% Web based and free supplemental iOS mobile application for remote case management
No storage fees Email notification automation Unlimited locations, ranges, courses of fire and system operators
Inventory search and trace RFID Asset tagging Bar code generation and cloud printing
Interactive Data Collection Role based menus Annual billing based on active roster size
CALEA compliance/conformance Data collection oversight, approval and rejection capabilities Supervised employee self certification management & class signup
Individual and organizational goal setting Individual and organizational budget setting Instructor and class feedback/review systems (coming soon)
Object Identification for Inventory (Augmented Reality) Training Gap Reports Go Green