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Save time, save money, and minimize liability risk by effectively managing and tracking firearm qualifications, training, and inventory.  APB360 provides easy-to-use off the shelf management solutions giving law enforcement agencies immediate access to the qualification status of any firearm, which officers are due for qualifications and training, and alerts the department if any employee lacks a valid qualification. APB360 is designed to track training budgets, inventory, duty issued equipment, firearm qualifications, asset tracking and more all from your desktop or mobile device.

Manage all weapon qualifications electronically

Create an unlimited amount of range locations and courses of fire using APB360’s simple qualification creation interface. Upload any descriptive files to be associated to the qualification, configure round count, expiration date, minimum score or just pass/fail, and more. Utilize tablets on the range to check in employees, validate the serialized assets they have, select a course of fire, and enable or disable automated inventory depletion based on the selected ammunition being used.

Record one or more firearms for a single qualification for an employee and record photos of targets or any other subject for permanent encrypted storage. APB360 provides automated email notifications for qualification failures and even daily failure thresholds for an employee or training event. Manage open range time access and remedial training and or qualification with estimated round count utilization for preventative maintenance reporting.

You can even automate the reduction of consumable assets like ammunition when an employee completes a qualifications stage or ends their open range session.

Create unlimited training modules and manage annual budgets

APB360 provides an organization the ability to establish annual training goals and budgets. Referring to any unlimited custom training category configured, you can establish how many cumulative hours each employee should attain in proficiency and or continuing education credit hours, while simultaneously visualizing and adjusting your organization’s budgets for any fiscal year. Training and budget dashboards will help quickly visualize and report across entire organizations where every aspect of training lays within annual goals and budgets.

  • Stay ahead of expiring certificates or credentials
  • Manage training records and create unlimited classes, courses, qualifications & certifications
  • Automate employee notifications based on expiration timelines
  • Report on continuing education hours and all learning domains
  • Allow employees to RSVP to a course, view course calendars and more
  • Bulk review and grade classes any time
  • Secure grading by creating private course pin codes

Enterprise Asset Management for Law Enforcement & Manufacturers

Adapted from GunTRAC’s ground breaking cloud based electronic BATFE Bound Book for federally licensed firearm manufacturers and dealers, APB360 was launched to simplify the record keeping process while still providing bullet proof checks and balances for equipment procurement, assignment, records of destruction and much more. Using electronic signatures for all involved parties improves accountability, while also providing the range master and armorer the ability to automatically reduce inventory levels during training or qualification sessions.

Quickly review any upcoming asset expirations and notify personnel. Asset expiration can be managed for all asset types, serialized or non-serialized. The SMS and Email notification center is a free service provided by APB360 Voice Over IP & Messaging technologies.

Easily review the assets assigned to any location and or employee. Additionally, know when an asset was assigned, updated or expired. Perform asset inspections or report on asset inspection history with the click of a button.

APB360’s FFL focused logbook is specially designed for the enterprise manufacturer. There is no other system as robust and tailored for enterprise manufacturing. This system was literally built by firearm manufacturers for firearm manufacturers.

  • Monthly FOIA processing from ATF for FFL Licensee Database
  • Automatic FFL License Expiration Checks & Real-time EzCheck Integration
  • 2016-1 Compliant Error and Revision Management
  • Import/Export Existing Logbooks (csv import service & processing)
    Automatically record appropriate dispositions for firearm type changes (ie: Lower Receiver to Rifle, or Pistol to Receiver)
  • Create common batches of serialized assets for rapid check out or check in
  • Manage employee asset assignments and expected return dates (non-GCA related record keeping)
  • Upload photos of any assets, forms or licenses for transaction association – any and all documents related to a serialized asset is recorded along with each transaction for easy reference and reporting.
  • Self auditing mode for common error checking
  • Reconciliation modes for disposition record verification against shipping carriers
  • Inventory audit modes for recording active location of any asset on premises

Additionally, APB360 will help you manage all ATF and State Department time sensitive documents on our specially designed Compliance Dashboard. Know exactly how long each document takes typically, quickly identify anomalies, enforce document controls during dispositions, and much more.

All documents, photos and uploaded information is stored SHA-256 encryption while at rest in our massive cloud based data warehouse as well as in transit. Simply search for a serial number and review all known documents and transactions instantly.

A Call Center in a box for Firearm Industry Professionals

Visualize all FFL’s known to the BATFE over time. Quickly identify brand new FFLS’s, updated locations or contact information, last contacted, custom statuses and more. Make your cold calling strategy smart and decisive. using Google maps as the backbone, quickly determine if an FFL is in commercial or industrial space and quickly see which other licensees are nearby.

Assign color codes to your operators for easy map activity visualization and prevent operators from working in the same geography as one another. Watch the circle indicators reduce in size of time, freeing up geography for other operators.

There are so many awesome features with the call center module that it’s best we just show you!

Reduce data collection mistakes in the field or in the factory

One of the most powerful functions within APB360 is the ability to utilize any Apple device with an auto-focusing camera to scan any barcode formatted object and perform a variety of tasks. These tasks can be custom configured by an organization into a set of standard operating procedures easily interacted while in the field. Simply mark serialized assets as verified inventory, or guide any system user through any step by step process conceived.

  • Field Training Officer checklists and reporting
  • Incident Response Data Capture
  • Any SOP or Checklist involving check lists, data entry or photography.
  • Upload photo’s directly from the mobile device without having to store images on the device
  • Review collected content in real time from any location
  • Visualize mobile activity over time and geography
  • Easily change and create mobile processes
  • Content encryption
  • Inventory Auditing
  • GPS Coordinates (optionally) for mapping data collection events

Commonly tracked assets include:

  • Furniture and operational non-inventory
  • IT assets like laptops, PDAs and servers
  • Equipment
  • Evidence
  • Tools and vehicles
  • Files and documents

Who We Are:


APB360 is the first cloud-based management solution to provide a 360 degree overview for asset management, manufacturing, interactive electronic BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives) FFL bound books, firearm qualifications, comprehensive training management, intelligence/analytics capabilities, firearms and range qualification management, chain of custody, ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance management and so much more.

NO OTHER PROGRAM EXISTS today that is “off the shelf” and as comprehensive or robust as APB360.

Sample Application Screens:

Give us 30 minutes to demonstrate any product module we have.

Who Loves Us

Hear from firearm manufacturers and law enforcement agencies

The eQualification system gives us instant results, from reviewing our entire roster for missing or needed qualifications, to performing and recording quals on the range with tablets in real-time. Our ammunition and inventory is managed across the board with APB, record keeping has become instant and efficient.

Sgt. Jeff Carpenter

Sgt. Jeff CarpenterTraining Sergeant - Peoria Police Dept.

As a NFA Firearm manufacturer in California, you cannot imagine the maze and minefields we have to navigate. APB360 provides us the ability to consistently audit our records and inventory in ways nothing else provides. From document management to even asset photos, APB delivers efficiency and security, as well as the support we need when we need it.

Brooke Smith

Brooke SmithDirector of Compliance, Suppressor Division - Surefire LLC

From a federally licensed firearm manufacturer’s perspective, our entire company culture has transformed for the good. Shop floor visibility is huge now, quality is sky-rocketing, time savings galore, compliance is easy, and staff training was simple.If you make firearms, you are crazy not use this product.

Frank DeSomma

Frank DeSommaPresident - Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc.

Managing our duty ammunition assignments and qualification process through APB360 has greatly improved our record keeping as well as time management. I can easily track down any firearm assignment and communicate with our armorers and training staff.

Sgt. Jason Barnes

Sgt. Jason BarnesTraining Sergeant & Range Master - Chandler Police Dept.

The business development call center solution is one of a kind. We can easily locate dealer candidates and engage fresh leads every month. I can safely say that this tool has increased sales and has saved countless hours of scrubbing data and calling the wrong leads. With APB we can identify the right candidates faster and more efficiently than any other process out there.

Scott McGregor

Scott McGregorSales - NG2 Defense

No other call center tool exists today that is as innovative and efficient as APB360. We used to spend hours filtering out national FFL information with Excel spreadsheets, now we spend more time exploring new data and ideas. In this highly competitive industry of firearm sales, this tool gives us the advantage we need.

Mike Mossimo

Mike MossimoPresident - Davidson's

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