Core Overview

There are several functional cores which make up the overall composition of APB360.

Functional Cores:

  1. iOS Mobile App
    • Enterprise optical scanning capabilities on any auto-focusing camera Apple phone or tablet model for nearly every known barcode: PDF417, UPC, CODE128, CODE 93, UID, QR most commonly
    • Secure photography and upload for asset management
    • Barcode recognition for inventory management tasks; employee assignment, location transfer, consumption, trace or audit, purchase, etc.
    • Voice-over-ip (VOIP) capabilities for secure communication
    • GPS coordinate record keeping on device scanning actions
    • Electronic standard operating procedure (eSOP) interfaces
    • Asset type conversion for serialized assets by barcode. Ie: Convert a firearm type from receiver to rifle in a single step
    • Create inspection records and lookup inspections by barcode
    • Reads most driver’s license information (PDF417 Barcode)
    • Assign firearms to employees using barcodes
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  2. Autonomous Active/Passive RFID and 2.4Ghz Communication System
    • Integrated weapon shot counter for rifles
    • Automated chain of custody
    • Proximity alert system for assets
    • Officer safety alert system based on energetic event detection
    • Automated alert system based on maintenance requirements, shot counts, energy detection, proximity duration or location
    • Location history reporting
    • Maintenance history reporting
  3. Electronic Standard Operating Procedures (eSOP)
    • Create infinite checklists for mobile field operations and iOS device interaction
    • Create FTO (field training officer) procedures and or modify procedures and reflect any modification in real time to all mobile app users
    • Maintain evidence management procedure and collection processes
    • Assign default eSOP to any user
    • Decrypt and decode any mobile photo captured with optical character recognition
    • Report on location, timestamp, user and any process or step claimed in any eSOP
    • Graph, sort, filter and review any record captured on the desktop
    • Collect user input in procedure fields on the mobile application
    • Ability to update any existing eSOP with real-time field updates
  4. Documentation and Compliance Management
    • Upload and encrypt (AES-256) documents from the desktop or mobile application organized by type (user definable), control numbers, submission date, approval date, rejection date
    • Relate document to any asset serial number, transaction id and or eSOP step
    • Visualize status update timelines by document type
    • Visualize serialized asset acquisitions and dispositions over time and by make, model, type and transaction purpose
    • Firearm transaction logbook compatible with ATF rulings for federal firearm license holders
    • Training record management
    • Asset photo management
    • Inventory export
  5. Inventory Expiration Warning & Notification System
    • Ability to see and search any inventory in storage sorted by expiration, manufacturer, model, type, employee information
    • Manage asset expiration date by employee assignment date, location transfer date or manufacturer expiration date
    • SMS text messaging capabilities using VOIP and or email
    • Combine training records with employee inventory and indicate missing training based on asset type
  6. Training & Continuing Education Record Management
    • Capable of updating one or more employee training records at one time
    • Bulk score attendees for any scheduled course
    • See a list or calendar view of any available classes
    • Manage class capacities, addresses, costs, documentation, eligibility
    • Authorize instructor course pins for 3rd party grading or data entry personnel
    • Create a requirement set of training classes with overriding validity period and assign a requirement set to one or more employees
    • Generate digital training certificates
    • Provide RSVP capabilities to employees
    • Identify employee training status for all known training hours or history
    • Identify employee training categories, learning domains or training modules by hours and dates
    • Identify any employee with a missing training module or category outside the validity period of a training requirement set
    • Report on any employee with upcoming training module expiration
    • Provide reporting capabilities by employee or roster segment for all known training hours by date range or all known history
    • Budget tracking and reporting
    • Upload course training materials and documents
    • Uploads certifications for employees and track validity periods
  7. Electronic Firearm Qualifications (eQualifications)
    • Tablet and desktop friendly firearm qualification
    • Range officer/instructor and employee tablet signing capabilities
    • Asset selection per employee during qualification
    • Personal or shared asset selection during qualifications
    • Provide pass or fail, as well as scoring details and multiple attempts at once per serialized inventory asset and course of fire (qualification)
    • Unlimited courses of fire with automated pass/fail detection
    • Open range record keeping and ammo consumption
    • Select or search an employee record
    • Assign an asset to an employee or correct employee inventory records
    • Establish validity periods for any course of fire
    • Automatically populate course selection and firearm
    • Automatic warning system for any serialized asset without a valid qualification on file
    • Generate reports by course of fire by employee or associated course of fire
    • Upload photos or files at time of qualification
    • Supervisor notification alert system by SMS text message and or email for course failure
    • Track ammunition inventory and record usage by asset
    • Automatically reduce inventory counts
    • Qualification gap analysis report by qualification filter and roster cross reference, as well as filter by asset type
  8. Roster and User Management
    • Establish role based user management and permissions
    • Generate report for missing eQualification records per employee per asset
    • Provide single report of an employee detailing all training, qualifications, serialized inventory, non-serialized inventory, certifications, training performance with the secured capability of updating or consuming assets assigned or changing ownership designation
    • Integrate with a directory service or database for streamlined employee record keeping
    • Employee access to personal training and inventory information
    • SMS Text or Email communication
  9. Serialized & Non-Serialized Asset Management
    • Generate unique barcode or use existing barcode and assign to asset
    • Search for asset by barcode using an iOS device or other desktop scanner solution.
    • Manage assets by UPC or SKU value
    • RFID or NFC hash values for asset assignment
    • Lookup any asset by RFID/NFC value
    • Upload photos of any asset using either a desktop or iOS mobile phone or tablet
    • Generate asset transaction history report
    • Generate unlimited active locations
    • Generate asset reports based on location assignment. ie: a motor vehicle, a safe, a closet, a building, a position or arbitrary area.
    • Maintain complete chain of custody for any asset
    • Reconcile any asset disposition by recording the location, user and any asset properties from a desktop or iOS device.
    • Bulk assign or acquire assets
    • Import inventory by CSV upload
    • Automatically validate firearm vendor licensing with ATF and store validation result for permanent record
    • Audit inventory based on serial number.
    • Record the user, GPS coordinates, active location as well as provide a method for asset photo capture during audit
    • Generate inventory auditing checklists by location based on several criteria such as last seen, location, type, model, serial, manufacturer, key word, date range, reconciliation status
    • Export any inventory report to CSV
    • Track inventory thresholds
    • Track destruction of serialized assets
    • Track asset modifications
    • Automated SMS or email notification system for low inventory
    • Generate templates for streamlined procurement
    • Create asset packages
  10. Inspection, Maintenance, and Quality Control
    • Configure inspection procedures
    • Generate inspection reports
    • Manage repair requests
    • Automatically notify repair status to employee
    • Employee view of repair status and work
    • Secure interface for repair ticket updates
    • Generate performance report for repair tickets and handling
    • Quick firearm assignment and inspection
    • Annual inspection by serial number, RFID or NFC
  11. Interactive Vendor Map
    • Interactive mapping interface for contacting all known federally licensed firearm dealers
    • Interactive mapping interface for contacting vendor or known contact
    • Voice-over-ip (VOIP) secure communication using a common web browser and headset/microphone.
    • CRM capabilities for note taking and document storage
    • Data export to CSV format of any map marker information
    • Geo-Fencing capabilities for programmable text messaging to area contacts
    • VOIP call recording and dialing history
  12. Reports
    • Firearm Inspection Reports
    • Repair and Ticket Dashboard
    • Inventory Expiration Report
    • Inventory Auditing Report
    • Inventory Custody Report
    • Historical Trace Reports
    • Document Dashboard
    • Training Report
    • Qualification Detail Report
    • Qualification Gap Report
    • Employee Report with training and qualification activity and inventory
    • Quality Inspection Dashboard
    • Inventory Report
    • eSOP activity dashboard
    • eSOP trace report by key value
  13. System Architecture and Security
    • Compatible with Amazon AWS services such as S3, EC2, Containers (Docker), Aurora, WAF and Route 53 & Gov Cloud (CJIS)
    • YubiKey Two-Factor OTP Authentication
    • Two-factor authentication methods such as Authy
    • Strict SSL only communication
    • Daily backups with minimum 1 week retention
    • Storage encryption no lighter than AES-256
    • All files encrypted upon upload
    • No photo storage on mobile devices after any upload operation
    • Ability to meet CJIS requirements
    • Maintain user activity and audit trail for all system transactions


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