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Shot Counter Dashboard Update

Click an image for a larger view…. ShotPM users can now see on the main dashboard any tag assignment requiring some level of maintenance and sort by indication. Users can now evaluate the conditions of thousands of ShotPM counter tags in one place, or a coffee shop, without the need to directly read a tag. This is the primary benefit of ad-hoc mesh networking and location proximity tag reporting infrastructure. Narrow down vast amounts of asset storage to the nearest [...]

Weapon Shot Counter

Weapon Shot Counter (ShotPM) – The first of it’s kind and full integration with APB360.

Overview ShotPM is a Weapon Shot Counter (WSC). The first generation (Q1 2018) ShotPM firearm accessory is a small hardware module designed to be attached to any firearm with an M-Lok rail solution. It incorporates a compact accelerometer to count shots fired and a radio transceiver (using the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band for radio communications with IEEE 802.15.4 standards) to relay this information back to persistent data storage located on a PC server or in the cloud. Radio communications are [...]


Police Magazine’s First Look Article

Departments : First Look APB360: The Training Tracker APB360’s software is a versatile tool that can save agencies time and money by maintaining training records and inventory in one database. View Article