Monthly Archives - December 2017

IOTA for Inventory Management

Paper is for targets. Blockchain for ledger? Sounds nice but there are some show stopping issues with blockchain technologies that exist today. Aside from the scaling issues of blockchain, there are transaction fees associated with every coin implementation, especially smart contract currencies. In the world of mission critical record keeping for firearm manufacturers, law enforcement, public safety, and military organizations; a fully decentralized ledger is our 2018 mission at APB360, using IOTA and the Tangle. “IOTA is a futuristic protocol in distributed ledger technology. It is [...]


The Dark Side of Law Enforcement – LE Suicide

The Christmas season is a difficult one for law enforcement—it’s not quite the same when you’re working while others are celebrating, and criminal behavior and human suffering don’t take a break for the holidays. Historically, December sees a rise in law enforcement suicides. Keep an eye out for your brothers and sisters who might be in need by recognizing the warning signs, and encourage others to ask for help if they need it. If you or someone you know [...]


Electronic Firearm Qualification Analysis

Easily review the performance of any employee by glancing at the polar graphs. Color coded for passing or failing scores, and ordered by attempt. You can even remove scores by just clicking the legend label on or off. For every course of fire, irregardless of firearm model and type, see the average scoring of an employee naturally by just evaluating the polar graph, an irregular shape indicates inconsistencies.