Monthly Archives - April 2017

Create Training Requirement Sets

Introducing a New Training Management Feature. Create a set of training requirements with a specific lifespan and assign that training set to one or more employees. This training requirement set can consist of ANY modules you have created, regardless of class/course configurations. Easily override the perishable skill time table for modules as well, where the entire training requirement set of learning domains must have a valid passing grade over a custom defined period. Quickly determine an employee’s missing credit hours using [...]


Supplemental Asset Type Management for xDOJ scenarios

You may find yourself in one of those states where another flavor of firearm classification might exist, demanding another reporting level. Thanks to our enterprise California users, they have helped guide us toward a solution that should work well globally for all FFL manufacturers. We decided to test our new abstract type of asset conversion by converting a grenade launcher into an extra large pizza. This is not a BATFE logbook transaction, this is 100% supplemental and proprietary to APB360 and not [...]