Monthly Archives - February 2017

Measuring Tools Added To FFL Map

Just click the button under the search field to drop a marker on the map, where you can easily move the mark using your mouse or finger, and create a distance between two points. Move either point to measure the distance between, across, from or to, any number of points on the map. Need another measuring tool? Just click the button again and add one. See the image on the left for an example of looking at Kona. How [...]


NFA Compliance Document Dashboard Update

Click to see larger image Our latest feature, perfect for NFA paperwork. For FFL Manufacturers (Enterprise), you can now visualize the time lines related to your recorded documentation, and easily update the “Approval” dates, expiration dates, and many other attributes. Look under your Reports menu link for the new Compliance Dashboard report, and start drilling into your organizations document related transaction bottlenecks! Upload documents at any time and associate them to serialized assets using the document uploader interface found under the eBook menu. [...]