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Training Management & Budgets

Create unlimited training modules and manage annual budgets

APB360 provides an organization the ability to establish annual training goals and budgets. Referring to any unlimited custom training category configured, you can establish how many cumulative hours each employee should attain in proficiency and or continuing education credit hours, while simultaneously visualizing and adjusting your organization’s budgets for any fiscal year. Training and budget dashboards will help quickly visualize and report across entire organizations where every aspect of training lays within annual goals and budgets.

  • Stay ahead of expiring certificates or credentials
  • Manage training records and create unlimited classes, courses, qualifications & certifications
  • Automate employee notifications based on expiration timelines
  • Report on continuing education hours and all learning domains
  • Allow employees to RSVP to a course, view course calendars and more
  • Bulk review and grade classes any time
  • Secure grading by creating private course pin codes
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  • Easily create learning domains
  • Quickly grant credit hours to employees
  • Upload supporting documents for classes and modules
  • Allow for student self certifications and administrative reviews
  • Create unlimited training requirement sets for any employee and ensure perishable skills are up to date
  • Visualize your entire roster’s training by class, learning domain, CE hours, Proficiency hours, success rates and more
  • Visualize where your capital is being invested at all times
  • Ensure your employees are well rounded in all learning domains
  • Immediately know your employee’s proficiency levels and potential deficiencies
  • Annual licensing with free roster and inventory import and export services

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