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Mobile Asset And Operations Management

Reduce data collection mistakes in the field or in the factory

One of the most powerful functions within APB360 is the ability to utilize any Apple device with an auto-focusing camera to scan any barcode formatted object and perform a variety of tasks. These tasks can be custom configured by an organization into a set of standard operating procedures easily interacted while in the field. Simply mark serialized assets as verified inventory, or guide any system user through any step by step process conceived.

  • Field Training Officer checklists and reporting
  • Incident Response Data Capture
  • Any SOP or Checklist involving check lists, data entry or photography.
  • Upload photo’s directly from the mobile device without having to store images on the device
  • Review collected content in real time from any location
  • Visualize mobile activity over time and geography
  • Easily change and create mobile processes
  • Content encryption
  • Inventory Auditing
  • GPS Coordinates (optionally) for mapping data collection events

Commonly tracked assets include:

  • Furniture and operational non-inventory
  • IT assets like laptops, PDAs and servers
  • Equipment
  • Evidence
  • Tools and vehicles
  • Files and documents
  • Any Apple device with an auto-focusing camera
  • Scan driver’s licenses (PDF417), QR codes, UPC, Code 128, and more
  • Easily configure an unlimited amount standard operating procedures
  • Verify assets are in the correct location instantly
  • Track scanner activity and data collection by GPS
  • Real-time data capture review capabilities from any other location. Collaborate on field based data collection.
  • Never run out of mobile device storage, all photos and videos are uploaded instantly to the cloud and never stored locally
  • Assign specialized travelers (SOP’s) to users
  • Highly secure SSL only communication and SHA-256 encrypted content storage
  • Easily inspect assets and manage chain of custody
  • Securely photograph crime scenes and collect any configured data input like phone numbers and descriptions
  • Annual licensing with free roster and inventory import and export services

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