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Firearm Manufacturing & eBook Management for FFL’s

Enterprise record keeping intelligence. Compliance has never been easier.

APB360’s FFL focused logbook is specially designed for the enterprise manufacturer. There is no other system as robust and tailored for enterprise manufacturing. This system was literally built by firearm manufacturers for firearm manufacturers.

  • Monthly FOIA processing from ATF for FFL Licensee Database
  • Automatic FFL License Expiration Checks & Real-time EzCheck Integration
  • 2016-1 Compliant Error and Revision Management
  • Import/Export Existing Logbooks (csv import service & processing)
    Automatically record appropriate dispositions for firearm type changes (ie: Lower Receiver to Rifle, or Pistol to Receiver)
  • Create common batches of serialized assets for rapid check out or check in
  • Manage employee asset assignments and expected return dates (non-GCA related record keeping)
  • Upload photos of any assets, forms or licenses for transaction association – any and all documents related to a serialized asset is recorded along with each transaction for easy reference and reporting.
  • Self auditing mode for common error checking
  • Reconciliation modes for disposition record verification against shipping carriers
  • Inventory audit modes for recording active location of any asset on premises

Additionally, APB360 will help you manage all ATF and State Department time sensitive documents on our specially designed Compliance Dashboard. Know exactly how long each document takes typically, quickly identify anomalies, enforce document controls during dispositions, and much more.

All documents, photos and uploaded information is stored SHA-256 encryption while at rest in our massive cloud based data warehouse as well as in transit. Simply search for a serial number and review all known documents and transactions instantly.

  • Our flagship product
  • Unlimited transactions and assets
  • Upload supporting documents for any asset or transaction
  • Incredible onsite auditing and asset reporting
  • Instantly record all necessary log book entries when converting an asset during manufacturing or gunsmithing
  • Annual Firearm Manufacturing report preparation system
  • BATFE EzCheck response verification and permanent storage
  • Manage large batch transactions easily
  • Create supplemental asset type groups like “Dangerous Weapon” and record/report on location updates (ie: CalDOJ reports)
  • Annual licensing with free roster and inventory import and export services

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