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Electronic Firearm Qualifications

Manage all weapon qualifications electronically

Create an unlimited amount of range locations and courses of fire using APB360’s simple qualification creation interface. Upload any descriptive files to be associated to the qualification, configure round count, expiration date, minimum score or just pass/fail, and more. Utilize tablets on the range to check in employees, validate the serialized assets they have, select a course of fire, and enable or disable automated inventory depletion based on the selected ammunition being used.

Record one or more firearms for a single qualification for an employee and record photos of targets or any other subject for permanent encrypted storage. APB360 provides automated email notifications for qualification failures and even daily failure thresholds for an employee or training event. Manage open range time access and remedial training and or qualification with estimated round count utilization for preventative maintenance reporting.

You can even automate the reduction of consumable assets like ammunition when an employee completes a qualifications stage or ends their open range session.

  • Mobile optimized student check-in and selection
  • Multiple electronic signature capture
  • Easily configure an unlimited amount of courses of fire
  • Reduce inventory by round counts on any qualification attempt
  • Track firearm usage by round count and ammunition type
  • Use common firearms or specifically assigned firearms. Know the chain of custody of any asset during qualification.
  • Create and manage unlimited ranges
  • Take photographs of student targets, assets, etc and store encrytped for free
  • Manage expiration periods, renewals, and instructors
  • Annual licensing with free roster and inventory import and export services

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