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APB360 for Asset & Inventory Management

Enterprise Asset Management for Law Enforcement & Manufacturers

Adapted from GunTRAC’s ground breaking cloud based electronic BATFE Bound Book for federally licensed firearm manufacturers and dealers, APB360 was launched to simplify the record keeping process while still providing bullet proof checks and balances for equipment procurement, assignment, records of destruction and much more. Using electronic signatures for all involved parties improves accountability, while also providing the range master and armorer the ability to automatically reduce inventory levels during training or qualification sessions.

Quickly review any upcoming asset expirations and notify personnel. Asset expiration can be managed for all asset types, serialized or non-serialized. The SMS and Email notification center is a free service provided by APB360 Voice Over IP & Messaging technologies.

Easily review the assets assigned to any location and or employee. Additionally, know when an asset was assigned, updated or expired. Perform asset inspections or report on asset inspection history with the click of a button.

US Palm Vest
  • Mobile optimized inventory checklists by location, type & more
  • Mobile optimized equipment inspections, assignments and modifications
  • GPS coordinate tracking for inventory auditing & inspections
  • Inventory photos with encrypted (CJIS Compliant, SHA-256) free storage
  • Enterprise electronic FFL eBook management optimized for manufacturers, law enforcement and high volume transactions.
  • Inventory movement logging and tracking
  • Barcode scanning by Mobile or USB connected devices
  • RFID scanning by USB connected devices
  • Asset expiration and “use by” date management and fleet awareness tools
  • Annual licensing with free inventory import and export services

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