Monthly Archives - July 2017

Real-Time Inventory Audits: A Better Way

We recently invented a new method for our users to audit single serialized assets. Our prior method of generating a checklist was having a hard time scaling up on hardware limited tablets, so we came up with something better for everyone, no matter your inventory level! Play the short video on the left to see it in action at POF-USA. Essentially teams of two people will collaborate, where one member will call out the item, and the other will search [...]

A new way to manage bulk asset assignment: Asset Packages

New Feature: The ability to create asset packages, a compilation of assets in a recipe, which is then assigned to an employee or location. This feature makes issuing equipment for a  new hire, or training, deployment kits, annual equipment replacement, etc., very consistent and fast! Each asset package is configured for item quantities and the stocking location to pull from, as well as expiration dates. Issue duty ammunition, holsters, flashlights, chemical spray, knifes, electronics and more with a single operation.

Digital Training Certifications Have Arrived!

All training performance reports now have a new link within them, "View Certificate" and or "Download Certificate". The link will provide a high resolution transparent PNG image file for you to print on quality paper. Each certificate has a unique watermark allowing you to access the certificate again online forever, however you must be authenticated to receive the file.

Manage Any Non-Firearm Asset By Barcode Using Mobile Scanner

One of the most significant updates in 2017 provides phenomenal inventory asset management capabilities, using your iOS device as an enterprise scanner. You only need to download our GunTRAC iOS application for iPad's and iPhone's (free) and then authenticate. You can easily consume an item, move it between locations, and much more. Many items come with a manufacturer barcode already marked on the item. For this example we are using a mechanical keyboard, where the back of the asset has a [...]

May 2017 FFL Analytics for BATFE FFL Licensees

Total FFL's: 80,392 New: 733 Phone/Address Update: 2,235 Unchanged: 77,424 Explore the data on our interactive dashboard. This month we saw an increase in federal firearm licensees, bringing the total licensee count above 80k again. With our new address validation process, we determined that of the 733 new licensees, 271 are at known business addresses, 382 are residential and 80 addresses could not be determined for an address category. Business AddressResidential AddressUndetermined Type 01Type 02 (Pawn Shops)Type 06Type 07Type 08Type 09Type 10Type 11 [kleo_gap size="30px"]